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Sustainability: Our Vision

Luna Park Sydney will have a sustainable approach to the operation of our successful harbour‐side entertainment precinct. By involving our community in the implementation of our vision, we hope to spread sustainable practices throughout the supply chain; with our staff, contractors and crew; and with our guests, clients and event attendees. By demonstrating best practice in these channels, we hope to influence the adoption of sustainable practices by others. We aim not only to share our knowledge and methods with other stakeholders, but to learn from their practices as well. Our commitment to reduce resource consumption, improve waste disposal, and reduce waste creation and greenhouse gases, combined with the above positive community contributions, will help us reach our goal of operating a sustainable entertainment precinct.

Since reopening in 2004  Luna Park Sydney has been continuously improving the sustainability of our operation. We are committed  to firstly better understand our impact and secondly identify ways to minimize negative and maximize the positive environmental, social and economic legacies of our venue operations.

Luna Park Sydney hosts over 1.2 million visitors yearly, not just in the amusement park, but across 12 function venues, an event auditorium and a harbour‐side restaurant. Waste creation, resource consumption, transportation and greenhouse gas emissions from such operations impact our environment.

It is therefore our aim to minimise this impact by implementing  improved sustainable practices across all our operations. Long and short‐term targets will be set and progress towards their achievement will be monitored regularly by the Luna Park Sydney Sustainability Committee. We will work towards comparability with the international standard ISO 20121 Events Sustainability Management Systems among other relevant benchmarks. Within our planning we aim to balance our sustainability initiatives with logistical and financial considerations.

Luna Park Sydney has a long‐term perspective that respects the interdependence of the economy, environment and society in sustainable development. Hence we will integrate sustainable principles into all aspects of venue operations including event production, park operations, procurement, transport and logistics.  

We aim to surpass guest and client expectations in the experience that we deliver to them. Providing a comfortable and accessible environment that adheres to the highest levels of health and safety is a priority, as is the satisfaction of our clients and guests.

Relevant information about the sustainability of our operation is freely available.. We ensure transparency and integrity in our business dealings, and our staff operates with professionalism, regard for the law and without bias. We adhere to labour and workplace health and safety requirements to ensure fair labour and working conditions for all stakeholders.  

Luna Park Sydney management ensures timely review of all sustainability initiatives and their performance, and provide the resources and knowledge the team requires to meet sustainability goals.